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About me

About Me

J.D. Robinson writes intimate, humanist science fiction, speculating on the human condition as fallible characters face the most exotic existential questions. (The usual stuff.)

As a user interface designer for more years than he cares to count, he’s fascinated by exploring why things work (or don’t) the way they do (or don’t). These questions infuse his stories, from social systems all the way down to individual interactions. Also lending richness to his stories are his myriad unusual experiences out in the world, from being a night-shift airport custodian, to a cog in the machinery of a spy satellite government contractor, to a designer of the earliest 3D chat spaces.

A reclusive nerd, he loves transcribing the weird little movies in his head, with the hope of connecting to his ideal reader. His novel The Last Shadow was honored as a semifinalist in the SPSFC’s vaunted SF competition in 2021, and his short story Fruiting—now available exclusively to subscribers to his newsletter (join here!)—was featured in the Twilight Tales anthology.

J.D. Robinson now lives in Northern California where he’s waiting for the big one. The singularity, that is.

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