Songs From the Void

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Deveron Rossy may be able to glimpse moments of his own future, but he never could have guessed he had a twin brother.

In his search for the elusive Dremond Branch, Deveron is mistaken for his twin by everyone who knew the man—and much to his own surprise, Deveron goes along with it. His harmless ruse does have certain benefits after all: being Dremond opens doors that an outsider could never access. As for the risk, his ability to glimpse ahead will alert him to any trouble before it finds him.

But as he continues to follow his brother’s trail, Deveron finds it strewn with mysterious voids—mind-altering shadows that only he can see, and they call to him as if they know him. Could these spectral anomalies have anything to do with his brother’s disappearance?

Worse, someone isn’t happy that “Dremond” is back on the scene, and as he gets ever closer to the truth, Deveron finds himself dodging bullets with his brother’s name on them.

Now Deveron must decide just how far he’s willing to go to maintain his search—and his lie. Because the more he learns about Dremond, the more he’ll find out just how different identical twins can be.


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Genre: Science Fiction

Publishing: Est. December 2020

Cover design: Announcing soon