On the Loop

Before Alina Andra and her crewmates embark on Earth’s first crewed extrasolar mission, they’re enjoying their final days in paradise. So how did 30 of them just vanish from the island?

The Last Shadow

Bas is a disaffected detective whose client suddenly has his identity swapped. And Dee is a nonverbal stranger who warns Bas to drop the case … by speaking directly into his head. But neither of them will be able to stop what’s coming.

The Hole In

the World

Klem Antrim would go to the ends of the Earth to see his father alive again—but he’ll have to travel much farther than that.


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The Hole In the World


On the Loop


The Last Shadow


Broken Helix


Songs from the Void

(Urban Fantasy)

J.D. Robinson writes intimate, humanist science fiction, speculating on the human condition as fallible characters face the most exotic existential questions. Follow the author’s posts on Twitter @scamper.

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