“The Last Shadow” is here!

September 30, 2020 in Blog

The Last Shadow book coverAnd with that, I release my third novel out into the wilderness to fend for itself. But I think it’ll be okay, because it has some especially tricky tricks up its sleeve.

The Last Shadow features a grizzled detective, a nonverbal autistic girl with “special” talents, and a cult that seems oddly concerned with synchronized dance routines. What? Yeah, it’s a wild ride, and I’m excited for everyone to meet these characters. Here’s a synopsis and excerpt.

I have to mention the research I did for this one. The story takes place in 1991 (sort of), but features a lot of what was considered to be cutting edge tech, from surveillance equipment to specialized online tools that detectives used while working a case. And that’s all real! I even tracked down the actual text-based interface for the research database, as well as reaching out to (now retired) surveillance experts. Of course I put my own spin on things. For example, this book wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for a single video I watched in 2016 called "SNES Code Injection — Flappy Bird in Super Mario World.” In that video a clever hacker demonstrates two concepts that feature heavily in this book: wait, am I really going to spoil all the fun? On second thought, let’s leave that there for now.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself on Amazon right now!

Oh, and there are some goodies still to come from this little sci-fi workshop before 2020 finally finishes rotting and takes the hint and drops off its miserable branch. Stay tuned for my fourth stand-alone book, Broken Helix, debuting a month from now!