“On the Loop” is finally out there

September 6, 2020 in Blog

I mean, the premise of my second book has always been a little bit out there, but now I’ve finally released the book out into the wild, which is exciting.

By which I mean I’m relieved. Getting this thing out there has been a long journey, because I wanted to do everything right, including the procrastination, which is the one crucial part of this project that took me the longest to perfect.

Anyways, On the Loop is a story of love, loss, betrayal, and all that good human stuff. But it’s all set on a tropical backdrop, which itself is set on … well, I probably shouldn’t give everything away here. Let’s just say there are some twists, starting with the title of the book: a triple entendre. You know you’re doing something right—or terribly wrong—when you score one of those.

See for yourself: More info about the story. Check it out on Amazon.

And there’s a lot more coming from this little sci-fi engine in 2020. Stay tuned for my third stand-alone book, The Last Shadow, debuting in about a month.